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Construction & Landscaping Aggregates

We offer a comprehensive range of aggregates for construction or landscaping use, from misson grey building sand through to screened topsoil.  All materials are from local quarries, wholesalers and recycling centres.

Of particular interest to builders is the misson grey building sand often the preferred choice of the professional builder due to it's superior texture and workability to the standard red sand, reducing the need for plasticiser additives.  For mixing concrete  a 20mm quartzite natural ballast is usually supplied.  A variety of hardcore infill materials id available from 20mm crushed limestone to inert boiler ash, a cheaper recycled product which weighs 20% less than limestone and so therefore reduces costs in two ways.

Doncaster Aggregates

Aggregates in Doncaster

For plastering, we usually specify the grit sand from the Hanson quarry in Auckley as we have found that this type has produced the most consistent quality.

For block paving we can supply the recycled dark coloured grit which has a good texture (bigger grit particles) or if preferred the natural grit sand.    

For the landscapers, a good double screened topsoil is available.  Depending on the use, a variety of sources is available with  different properties.  Composty soil for soil improvement, lighter finer soil  for raking out a lawn seedbed, or the lower grade soil for filling in ponds and making up the ground.    Wood chip is available in up to a 4 cubic metre load and also a wide range of decorative aggregates.


  • Screened Misson Grey Building Sand
  • Screened Red Building Sand
  • Building Sand (recycled)
  • Fill Sand
  • Grit sand (natural or recycled)
  • Plastering Sand

Gravel & Ballast

  • Quartzite Gravel 10mm
  • Quartzite Gravel 20mm
  • 20mm Ballast (natural or recycled)
  • 10mm Ballast (natural or recycled)
  • 20mm to Dust Crushed Limestone (also known as 20mm Crusher Run)
  • 40mm to Dust Crushed Limestone (also known as 40mm Crusher Run or M.O.T type 1)
  • 75-40mm Recycled Aggregate
  • 40-20mm Recycled Aggregate
  • 20-10mm Recycled Aggregate
  • 10-5mm Recycled Aggregate
  • Inert Boiler Ash (very good alternative to 20mm Crushed Limestone, cheaper more volume/tonne)
  • Road Planings
  • Granite 20mm (screened railway ballast)

Topsoil, Compost & Woodchips

Ordering your Aggregates

Andy's Aggregates supplies construction and landscaping aggregates and an extensive range of decorative aggregates in Doncaster and the local area. Call 07986 116 969 to discuss your requirements, request a quote or place an order.

Decorative Aggregates

Decorative aggregates Doncaster
  • Flint
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Cobbles
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