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Decorative aggregates in Doncaster

We deliver a range of decorative aggregates suitable for drives and ground cover. Slate, granite, gold flint and the durable Derbyshire limestone being some of the most popular.

Andy’s Aggregates is a Doncaster based business that specialises in the delivery of small loads throughout the local area. Our tipper is small enough to reach places that larger lorries cannot, thus usually sparing you the pain of moving the load again once delivered. Our rates are always competitive, and we deliver a wide range of products.

Slate chippings

A variety of coloured materials to brighten up any garden.  If you are trying to match up existing materials then please ensure that you have seen a sample against you existing material if a close match is important.

Types of slate

  • Plum slate
  • Green slate
  • Blue slate

Our decorative slate

Flint & gravel

It is worth remembering when using very light colours that leaf build up, weeds or soil that gets on the surface will stand out.  Large areas of white gravel under deciduous trees/shrubs is not a good idea and makes for more work in the long run.  Lighter gravels can however be very effective in small areas to highlight small evergreen plants/shrubs in a rockery and in borders.

Flint can be effective in larger areas also when used in naturalistic planting.

Types of flint & gravel

  • Gold flint gravel 20mm
  • Gravel 20mm
  • Gravel 10mm

Our decorative flint & gravel

Granite & limestone

Available in a variety of coloured materials, including green and red granite can brighten up any garden. Limestone is not as tough and durable as other gravels, but can be useful to brighten up areas as a decorative gravel.

Types of granite & limestone

  • Red granite
  • Green granite
  • Cotswold limestone
  • Derbyshire limestone

Our decorative granite & limestone

Some of our popular aggregates


Slate is available in 3 colours, plum, green or blue and is ideal for covering borders, edges and making features within paved areas. View options >

Granite & Limestone

Available in a variety of coloured materials, including red, green, white or grey, granite can brighten up any garden. View options >


Of particular interest for use in construction and landscaping, Andy’s Aggregates deliver various types of sand throughout the Doncaster area.

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Andy’s Aggregates specialise in the supply & delivery of topsoil throughout the Doncaster area, ideal for commercial developments or a domestic DIY project.

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