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Decorative Aggregates

We can offer a wide range of decorative materials for any requirement.  For drives a 20mm Derbyshire limestone is a good alternative to the standard 20mm gravel.  It moves around less when driven/walked on and is much more hard wearing than the local limestone.

A variety of coloured materials,  from plum slate to red granite can brighten up any garden.  If you are trying to match up existing materials then please ensure that you have seen a sample against you existing material if a close match is important.

Doncaster Aggregates

Aggregates in Doncaster

Remember when choosing a material/colour that it is best to contrast the colour of drives and gardens against the buildings.  For example, a red brick house with an all red granite front garden can look overpowering, so it is best to break it up with materials of a different colour.

It is worth remembering when using very light colours that leaf build up, weeds or soil that gets on the surface will stand out.  Large areas of white gravel under deciduous trees/shrubs is not a good idea and makes for more work in the long run.  Lighter gravels can however be very effective in small areas to highlight small evergreen plants/shrubs in a rockery and in borders.

Slate and flint can be effective in larger areas also when used in naturalistic planting.  Cobbles are effective when used around ponds.


Flint & Gravel

  • York Gold Flint (20mm)
  • Gold Flint Gravel (10mm)
  • Gold Flint Gravel (20mm)
  • Chiltern White Gold (20mm)
  • Solent White Gold (10mm)
  • White Chalk Flint (10mm)
  • White Chalk Flint (20mm)

Granite & Cobbles

  • Red Granite (10mm)
  • Red Granite (20mm)
  • Green Granite (14mm)
  • Lincolnshire Cobbles
  • Derbyshire Limestone (10mm)
  • Derbyshire Limestone (20mm) Clean Limestone (20mm)

Ordering your Aggregates

Andy's Aggregates supplies construction and landscaping aggregates and an extensive range of decorative aggregates in Doncaster and the local area. Call 07986 116 969 to discuss your requirements, request a quote or place an order.

Construction & Landscaping Aggregates

Construction aggregates Doncaster
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Limestone
  • Grit Sand
  • Ballast
  • Topsoil
  • Compost
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